Living with Granny

Joining the Peace Corps required selling our house, and having temporary quarters until (hopefully) we enter the Peace Corps.  While our house was on the market, we considered where we would live.  My sister, Marilyn, generously offered us the use of her house on Lake Lanier; and Tish’s mother offered us her guest room.

In the end we decided that since we would be out of the country for over two years, it would be a good use of our remaining time to live with Tish’s mother.  Partly because the location of her home was closer in, but mainly because it was felt that Tish and her mother could use that time together.

The location is on Columns Drive in Marietta.  A condo situated on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, it is roomy enough for all of us.  Some accommodations have to be made by all of us for this to work, and we are all very cooperative.  We are still learning how to live together without stepping on each others toes too much.  Tish and I were used to a huge two story house all to ourselves, and now we have a bedroom and bath, and share the rest of the house.  Tish’s mother, “Granny” as most call her, was used to living by herself for decades and now finds two extra people underfoot.

I really like it here.  As most know, I love riding my bike and here on Columns Drive, I can ride here, safely, to my heart’s content.  There are large numbers of cyclists and runners that use Columns Drive to train on, and the adjacent trails in the National Park nearby.

In the mornings Tish goes for a walk and I go with her.  We walk the trails in the Chattahoochee Park.  Then I hop on my bike for a 15 – 25 mile ride on Columns Drive, or an even longer ride beyond Columns Drive.  Afterward, I sit on the deck with the newspaper with my soft drink and enjoy cooling off  next to the river.

The view of the river in the morning is amazing.  There is a mist that sits on the surface of the water.  The mist is thick and rolling, as if God spread a thick down comforter on top of the river.

The Chattahoochee

View of the Chattahoochee in the morning

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