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My Last Skydive

Being a skydiver is to belong to a group whose members are from all walks of life. Men, women, old, young, students, unemployed, barely employed, and professionals; but all the same. Nothing else matters, it is only about the jumps. How many jumps do you have, what is your favorite discipline, how many reserve rides have you had, tell me your scary stories, your funny ones, and let’s tell them while drinking lots of beer. Continue reading

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I am ok with quitting Skydiving… I think…

When Tish and I get into the Peace Corps we will be in a poorer, developing nation.  There will probably not be a dropzone nearby, so my skydiving will have to come to an end.  I have accepted this and … Continue reading

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2009 Wingsuit Record

The week of November 6-13, 2009 found me in Lake Elsinore, California participating in the effort to set the first National record for the Largest Wingsuit Formation Skydive.  It was the most amazing week in my skydiving career.  I have … Continue reading

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