Packing List

Note:  Hindsight is 20/20.. now that I am back in the USA I feel I need to give feedback on my own packing list.  It turns out some things I didn’t need after all or not as much, etc.  Be sure to look at the bottom of the page for that information.

Tish brought some things such as kitchen supplies, so they were not on my list.  There were some things on my original list that I had to exclude because I went over the weight limit.

I am sure I have forgotten some things I will need, but fortunately there is shopping in Gaborone.

We were restricted to two checked bags plus one carry on (my backpack).  The weight limit on the check bags was a total of 80 lbs with neither bag going over 50 lbs.

My List…

Electronics Flash drives (2)
Electronics Hard Drives (2)
Electronics Camera and extra battery
Electronics Laptop and charger
Electronics wires/cables/etc
Electronics Garmin Forerunner and charger
Electronics Blackberry plus charging cradle, earphones and extra battery
Electronics Software CD’s
Household Sleeping bag and stuff sack
Household Nalgene bottle
Household Personal photos
Household Flashlight
Household Headlamp
Household Extra batteries
Household extra Zip Lock Bags of all sizes
Household Umbrella
Household Raincoat
Household Shaving Creme
Household Disposable razors
Household Medicines, prescription and over the counter meds
Household Stationary, envelopes
Household Money belt
Household Travel kleenex
Household key rings
Household electric converters and adapters
Household binoculars
Household Leatherman (Gerber)
Household Solid deoderants and toothpaste
Household REI Quick Dry towel
Household Screen material for windows
Clothes Winter coat
Clothes Blazer
Clothes 3 Ties
Clothes Sweat Pants and Shirt
Clothes Long Johns (2)
Clothes Gloves
Clothes Cheap flip flops
Clothes dressy shoes
Clothes underpants  (10)
Clothes undershirts (4)
Clothes Jeans  (1)
Clothes Shorts (3)
Clothes T-shirts  (5) plus 1 long sleeve T
Clothes black socks (8 pr)
Clothes white socks (3 pr)
Clothes hiking socks (5 pr)
Clothes button down  short sleeve (4)
Clothes button down long sleve (4)
Clothes slacks khaki (4)
Clothes slacks  dressy (4)
Clothes belts (2)
Clothes Fleece Jacket
Clothes Polo type shirts (5)
Clothes Merril trail running shoes
Clothes Keen sandals
misc $300 cash
misc Luggage Locks
misc Lots of Pens
misc School supplies
misc 2 pair sunglasses
misc Hair clippers, scissors, comb
misc Bike helmet
misc permanent markers
misc 10 passport size photos
misc sleeping bag in stuff sack
misc sleeping mat
misc sleeping bag liner
misc Folder containing personal papers, Peace Corps staging documents, etc


Hindsight is 20/20.  Some comments about some of the items on my list…
Garmin Forerunner & charger I used it for cycling, most people won’t need a GPS
Nalgene bottle Bring one for PST, but you can get water bottles in Botswana
Extra batteries You can get batteries in Botswana
Raincoat Unnecessary,..  It hardly ever rains, and you have an umbrella
Shaving Creme You can get it there
Disposable razors You can get it there
Money belt I never used the money belt
Travel kleenex You can get it there
Solid deoderants and toothpaste You can get this stuff in Botswana
REI Quick Dry towel Only used mine a handful of times when traveling, not a bad idea though
3 Ties Just bring one tie, you rarely will wear one
Sweat Pants and Shirt Only if you want to wear them around the house
Long Johns (2) just bring one set. I only wore them once
underpants (10) 10 pair was too many, I did use them all, but could have bought replacements in Botswana
black socks (8) I ended up wearing my sandals most of the time, and rarely wore my dress shoes, so only needed a couple pair of dress socks
button down long sleve (4) You only need one, you won’t wear it often.  You can wear your short sleeve button downs on dressy days.
slacks  dressy (4) Two pair is probably ok
Polo type shirts (5) I could have brought a few more
2 pair sunglasses Bring 3 pair.  I went through the ones I brought and sent for more
Hair clippers, scissors, comb My wife ended up cutting my air with scissors only, we didn’t use the clippers
Bike helmet Only if you plan to ride a bike.  Also, Peace Corps will get you one if you need one.
permanent markers I never needed these
sleeping bag, liner, and stuff sack I only used mine a couple of times.  I used the liner alone more often
Tish brought some cooking supplies She said to be sure to bring a few good knives and a non-stick frying pan
My hat Every day I told my wife how much I loved my hat

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