Thank You…

A huge “Thank You” goes out to those listed below who have sent us care packages filled with awesome stuff.  We appreciate the entire effort you went through:  the shopping for the items, the visit to the Post Office, the not insignificant cost of postage to Botswana.

Thank you… Ke a leboga… Thank you!

David and Maria
Andy and Linda
Scott and Kim
Mike and Laurie
Deck, Brenda, John, Patsy, Chris and Beth
Chris, Russ, and Gayle at Assurant
The Seasons class at JFBC
Michael and Donyal
Granny (second box)
Scott and Kim (second box)
Kim’s students (Two boxes of gifts for SSI)
Andy and Linda (second box)
David and Maria (second box)
Megan and Johnathan
Michael and Donyal (second box)
Chris, Anne and Austin
Granny (third box)
Marilyn and Warner
Mike and Laurie (second box)
Deck, Brenda, John, Patsy, Chris and Beth (second box)
Andy and Linda (third box)
Betsy (second box)
David and Maria (third box)