Teaching ESL for English for Successful Living

Originally Tish and I assumed that we would be considered for Peace Corps jobs with Tish doing Health related work and my doing Business or IT related work.  Our recruiter, Kyle, had suggested that Tish and I do some ESL teaching so that either of us could qualify for the Peace Corps position of English teacher.  In order to make us more “marketable” we did this.  This meant that we would be able to be considered for jobs for married couples as…

  • Health and Business
  • English and Health
  • English and Business
  • English and English

As it turned out it was a great idea.  I ended up being nominated for a job as an English teacher.

I searched for ESL volunteer opportunities using Volunteer Match and also Hands On Atlanta.  These were great sources for volunteer opportunities of all kinds.

Through this we found an organization called English for Successful Living. It is a wonderful organization offering English instruction, at all levels for adults at a very slight cost.  They even offer free babysitting for students with children.   The director, Izabel Blankenship, was amazing.  The materials were first rate and though I had never taught before (Tish had college level teaching experience) I felt comfortable teaching English.

Tish taught on Saturdays from 9 – 10:30 am and I assisted her.  I taught from 10:30 to noon and Tish assisted me.  The classes were held at Holy Innocents Episcopal Church on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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