Our House Finally Sells

Our house was on the market for six months (from January 19 until July 26).  There was some traffic at first, but it pretty much dropped off to nothing around April.  In May we decided to drop the price $25,000.

Wouldn’t you know the day after we dropped the price our eventual buyer drove by, saw the house and gave us a call.  Actually, it would not have made much difference, she was in the market for a home in the $250k price range, not $275k.

Our buyer who I will refer to as JT is a young lady who had grown up in the neighborhood.  In fact her parents still live there, as does her best friend who had moved back with her husband.  JT, in her very early 30’s had just filed for divorce, and was looking to move closer to the familiar and safe surrounds where she grew up.  We had a great relationship with JT who reminded us of Betsy in many ways. Of course her parents wanted her to live close by too.

She was unable to put a contract on the house initially because she had not filed for divorce.  She desperately wanted the house and we desperately wanted to sell it but we could not move forward.  She worried that we would sell it to someone else (though there was no one else), and we worried that she would lose interest during the wait and move on.  I say “we” worried, in fact I was the only one worrying, Tish does not worry, she says I do enough worrying for both of us.

We got the contract completed after the divorce was filed, but we could not close until after it was final.   The closing date was set for about six weeks later.  As we drew close to the closing date we had to change it a few times, and were not really sure it would close until 10 am on that day.   The delays and last minute changes and uncertainty really amped up the stress for me, but in the end it all closed with no issues.

It is bittersweet.  The house we had lived in for 15 years, the house we had raised kids in, entertained our friends in, and spent our entire marriage in was now sold.  On the other hand this frees us to move toward our goal of service in the Peace Corps.


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