A Peace Corps Poem by Kip Doran

Kip Doran is a Returned Peace Corps volunteer from Denver.  He and his wife just ended their two years of service in Botswana in June.  They started their service in June 2009 and were in the “Bots 8” group.  Tish and I are in “Bots 10”.  I found this poem by Kip in a January 2011 copy of the Peace Corps Volunteers newspaper “Ditiragalo”.  Tish and I really liked it and so with Kip’s permission, we are sharing it with you.

Feel the Peace Corps
By Kip Doran, Bots 8

You care.  You join.  You give
You find it complicated to help
You receive

You expand with extraordinary people
You discover friendship and intelligence
You rejoice

Your stuff is lost and broken
You re-learn it is just stuff
You cope

You speak with a new voice
You listen with open ears
You hear for the first time

You grow new wings
You see with new eyes
You start a new chapter

Feel, give, help, expand, receive
See, hear, discover, cope
Speak, listen, learn

Grow, start

The Peace Corps – Life is never the same

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2 Responses to A Peace Corps Poem by Kip Doran

  1. Ginny Davis says:

    I’m another boomer RPCV (Namibia 2008-10)–loved this poem and want to read Kip’s book.

  2. Marion says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed Kip’s poem.

    Click HERE to get to Kip’s book

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